Forensic Document Services Pty Ltd

Forensic Document Services ("FDS") undertakes forensic examinations to establish the validity of documents and to detect evidence of tampering or handling of documents and other items.

FDS’s trained and experienced professionals use rigorous scientific analysis and examination techniques to establish the validity of documents and to detect evidence of tampering or handling of documents and other items such as those listed under What We Examine.  We pride ourselves on our independence and impartiality, and strict quality assurance procedures. 

Our case work arises out of civil, criminal and private matters including forgery, fraud, identity theft, intellectual property, break and enter, arson, kidnapping, extortion, murder, probate, custody battles, divorce, drug importation, employment/labour disputes, unfair dismissal, debt recovery, insolvency, negligence, medical malpractice, personal injury, defamation, workplace safety, landlord/tenant disputes, worker's compensation, theft and assault. 

On this website you can find out about the range of services we provide and read case studies illustrating the nature of some of the work that we deal with.  Information about our history and our team is provided in About Us.

If you need an expert opinion about a document, signature, handwriting or fingerprint we would be happy to discuss your case - please contact us by phone or submit an enquiry by email.

If you are unsure whether we are the right experts to help you, please call us – we can direct you to someone else if the matter is outside our areas of expertise.


Release of White Paper: Evaluation of Wacom’s Electronic Handwritten Signature Technology – 21 May 2018


After many years of collaboration with Wacom Global Signature Team and its predecessors and a two and a half year long detailed research project, the team at Forensic Document Services Pty Ltd is proud to announce the publication of a summary of its research findings on the “Evaluation of Wacom’s Electronic Handwritten Signature Technology” in a White Paper (  Steven Strach, Michelle Novotny and Andrea Devlin continue to work on the project to finalise two further scientific papers (on the examination methodology and the full study itself) with a view to publication of these in peer reviewed and internationally recognised scientific journals.  The research findings have been presented at the Australasian Society of Forensic Document Examiners Inc. 2018 conference in Canberra, the American Society of Questioned Document Examiners 2018 conference in Part City and at the Australian and New Zealand Forensic Science Society's 2018 symposium in Perth.  This research has given rise to a number of further research possibilities which Forensic Document Services Pty Ltd looks forward to pursuing.