About Us

FDS undertakes forensic examinations to establish the validity of documents and to identify evidence of tampering or handling of documents and other items such as those listed under What We Examine.  We pride ourselves on our long standing professional reputation, our independence and impartiality.

Our three key capabilities are: forensic document examination, forensic handwriting examination (which includes signatures), and fingerprint detection and analysis. The many specialist techniques and approaches we use are explained in more detail under the Services menu.

FDS's close-knit team has extensive experience applying these capabilities in thousands of cases since 1984.  Our Case Studies describe some of the work we have undertaken.

Our work is often used as evidence in court so we ensure appropriate forensic standards and quality assurance are met and that chain of custody is maintained.  We are often Court appointed as experts and engaged jointly by multiple parties in matters.  The detailed reports our examiners prepare are in accordance with the requirements of the NSW Supreme Court Uniform Civil Procedure Rules Schedule 7 Expert Witness Code of Conduct (http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/nsw/consol_reg/ucpr2005305/sch7.html) or equivalent rules for the appropriate jurisdiction. 


Our clients are usually:

  • legal practitioners – solicitors and barristers
  • Law enforcement agencies – state and federal police, customs, etc.
  • Government agencies – corporate regulators, ATO, ASIC, etc.
  • banks, financial institutions and insurers
  • companies and other organisations
  • individuals and families


FDS provides services throughout Australia and internationally, particularly in Asia, and has some forensic instrumentation in Singapore and Hong Kong for those instances where the items cannot be sent to our full service laboratories in Australia.

FDS also conducts one and two day practical and theoretical workshops for certain clients, providing an in-depth appreciation of the work of forensic document examiners and touching on fingerprint detection and analysis, as well as tailored workshops designed to the requirements of the client. We have been running workshops of this nature for approximately 20 years. 

View details of our upcoming Workshops/Seminars.