Forensic Document Services Pty Ltd was founded in response to Paul Westwood’s view that there was a need for forensic document examination services to be available more broadly than just in the government sector.  Paul, a former Director of the Document Examination Sections of the Commonwealth Police, Australian Federal Police and the Australian Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs, opened the first laboratory of Forensic Document Services Pty Ltd in Canberra in 1984.

In 1990 Paul established a Sydney laboratory to meet the growing demand for forensic document examination services.  FDS also provides services internationally, particularly in Asia, and has some forensic instrumentation in Singapore and Hong Kong for those instances where the items cannot be sent to our full service laboratories in Australia.

In addition to continually investing in new and emerging forensic document instrumentation, over the past three years FDS has expanded its range of services to include fingerprint detection and analysis.

As the range of services and techniques has expanded and the demand for services has grown, the team now consists of five examiners. In the early days Paul was the sole driving force but now it is definitely a team effort with Michelle Novotny becoming a director in 2007.

From 2003 to 2011, Forensic Digital Services Pty Ltd formed part of the FDS group, investigating computers and digital devices, but this side of the business was discontinued in 2011 to focus on document and fingerprint forensics.