2018 Australasian Society of Forensic Document Examiners Inc. (ASFDE Inc.) Scientific Conference – 22 to 25 May 2018

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Last month Paul Westwood, Michelle Novotny, Steven Strach and Andrea Devlin attended the annual scientific conference and AGM of the ASFDE Inc. held at the Australian Federal Police Forensics facility in Majura, ACT.  This was the Society’s strongest program to date, filling three days with quality workshops and one day of podium presentations, and including four international guest speakers and two guest speakers from non-forensic document examination disciplines.  The Forensic Document Services Pty Ltd team contributed two half-day workshops on “The Examination of Digitally Captured Dynamic Signatures and Handwriting” in conjunction with Nick Mettyear of Wacom’s Global Signature Team, as well as podium presentations titled “Evaluation of Wacom’s Electronic Handwritten Signature Technology”, “An update of FDE standards development through the NIST OSAC for FS and the AAFS ASB” and “Show and Tell - Historical Items from the First Days of ESDA”.  Two upcoming large scale research projects were also introduced on behalf of overseas colleagues: “Accuracy and reliability of forensic handwriting examination conclusions – an introduction and request for FDE involvement” and “Cognitive Human Factors and Forensic Document Examiner Methods and Procedures – an introduction and request for FDE involvement”.  Michelle Novotny was the recipient of an ASFDE Inc scholarship to attend and contribute to the meeting.  The high quality of the program was reflected in the largest attendance of forensic document examiners in the history of the ASFDE Inc. (in excess of 50 attendees), and instigated invaluable discussions among the group and with the presenters.