Documents from WWI & WWII

FDS is often requested to examine historical documents in the context of people researching family histories and family trees, as well as others pursuing more academic genealogical interests. 

In one matter we were asked to determine the genuineness of a letter which reads: "The Queen and I wish you God-speed, a safe return to the happiness & joy of home life with an early restoration to health.  A grateful Mother Country thanks you for faithful services.  George R.I.".  It was determined that the document was genuine and one of many received by Australian First World War veterans. 

Another matter involving veterans was the examination of a collection of original recipes written by Australian prisoners of war incarcerated in Changi Prisoner of War camp in Singapore during the Second World War.  Apparently the recipes were written as a distraction by the prisoners by way of an ironical comment on their extremely poor conditions and lack of adequate sustenance.