Pen pressure in signature examinations

Observations of pen pressure variation have added significantly to a number of signature comparison cases undertaken in recent times.  This is determined qualitatively by microscopic observation and, in particular, by observing the embossment effect on the back of the document.  Pressure can also be measured more quantitatively in specimen signatures written on specially designed digitising pads. 

In one high profile case in South-East Asia, the pattern of pen pressure variation in questioned signatures was observed to be quite different from the strong and mostly uniform pen pressure used by the genuine signatory.  This added to the weight of the conclusion pointing towards signature simulation. 

In another signature comparison case, an unusual pen pressure pattern in specimen signatures in one name corresponded well to those of a questioned signature in another name and which otherwise bore only a limited number of comparable (and similar) features in the specimens.  Although still guarded, this added significantly to the strength of conclusion supporting the hypothesis that the writer of the specimen signatures wrote the questioned signature.