How do you charge?

FDS calculates costs on an hourly basis.  Most other laboratories also work this way although the hourly rate may vary.  In the case of FDS, it is a reflection of the investment we have made in staff and technology.  

A comparison of hourly rates is largely meaningless, as it does not provide an indication of the ultimate costs.  As every matter is different, we provide an estimate of the total costs (where possible) upon receipt of detailed instructions and, in the case of forensic document examination, the documents to be examined or good copies of them with information as to which will be available as originals for the actual examination.  It is our normal practice to prepare estimates in the form of an engagement agreement outlining our costs and terms and to request a signed copy of the engagement agreement and payment of an advance on our fees prior to commencing work.

There is no fee for providing the estimate of costs.