Education & Employment Documents

This category includes such documents as: examination papers, academic transcripts, certificates, resumes, references, employment applications, tax file number declarations, leave applications and expense claim forms.

Examinations associated with such documents are often multi-faceted and require an application of a series of scientific examinations involving a range of forensic instruments.  Queries often arise as to the genuineness of signatures and handwriting, whether documents have been altered or fabricated, as well as determining the source of documents.

Related case studies: 

Counterfeit qualifications

The conduct of a real estate agent was investigated following several complaints against this person.  Certificates of qualification and registration held by the person were submitted to our laboratory as part of the investigation.

Who sat the test?

A tertiary educational institution called on the expertise of FDS to determine whether one student had substituted for another student in a series of examinations.  The provision of writing specimens based on assignments submitted by the students concerned led to cheating bein