Wills & Testamentary Documents

The administration of Estates often raises allegations of forgery in respect of Wills, Codicils and other documents expressing testamentary intention. As well as cases involving all types of non-genuine signatures on such documents, FDS has also examined many documents where it has been established that the disputed signature is genuine but the document itself is fraudulent.

Such fraudulent documents have been based on blank pieces of paper bearing only a signature intended for some other purpose such as a receipt, invoice or a slip of paper bearing a name and address and/or typed letter with the signature block well displaced from the text of the letter. Occasionally, attempts are made to simulate both the handwriting and signature of a deceased person to produce a holographic Will.  Other instances have involved the addition of text or page substitution.



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Forged Will bearing genuine testator signature

The image below is part of a disputed Will where FDS was able to determine that, while the signature was genuine, the document as a whole was not.  The printed text was produced after the signature had been written and well after the death of the testator.&