Our services cover the full range of forensic document examination, forensic handwriting examination (including signatures), fingerprint detection and fingerprint analysis. 

This includes the following specific services:

  • handwriting and signature examination;
  • document examination;
  • sequencing and relative dating;
  • examination of impressions;
  • paper and ink examination; and
  • Fingerprint services.

Please select from the list on the left to learn more about each of these services. 

The forensic evidence that FDS seeks to detect in their examinations is often not visible to the human eye without the aid of forensic instrumentation.  Examinations associated with most aspects of detailed forensic work require the use of a combination of scientific instrumentation and techniques. 

Our laboratories hold the following main instrumentation:

  • macro scopes and stereo microscopes with digital imaging cameras and enhancement software;
  • Electrostatic Detection Apparatus' (ESDAs);
  • Video Spectral Comparators (VSC2000 and VSC6000);
  • digital SLR cameras;
  • latent fingerprint enhancement system DCS4; and
  • superglue fuming cabinet (MVC1000);            

As well as all other necessary supplementary devices, resources and a comprehensive reference collection. 

The term "document" should be considered loosely as it does not solely refer to a piece of paper - it can be anything bearing an inscription including loose leaf sheets of paper, notebooks, adhesive labels, specimen jars, canvasses, photographs, artwork, animal hides, skin, bones, walls, trains, cars, and so on. 

FDS is aware of related forensic disciplines such as chemical analysis of inks and paper, DNA profiling and computer forensics and, where appropriate, can refer you to recognised experts in such other fields.