FDS conducts one and two day practical and theoretical workshops, providing an in-depth appreciation of the work of forensic document examiners, touching on aspects of fingerprint detection and analysis. On completion, participants will have a greater understanding of what evidence can be gleaned from a document by the forensic document expert and how they can maximise the evidential potential of documents.  Our workshops do not train or qualify participants as forensic document examiners.

Our workshops are designed for:

  • investigators needing to broaden their skills in the questioned document field
  • co-ordination officers who may provide advice to other staff on the potential value of, and requirements for, the examination of questioned documents
  • legal practitioners seeking to further their understanding of the document examination processes and the presentation of forensic document evidence
Workshop content

With a small number of participants close attention is given to each person during the workshop. Workshops are intensive with an emphasis on practical participation.

Participants are taken through the process of forensic document examinations to enable them to become familiar with the fundamental aspects of the work involved. This knowledge is consolidated in case studies which encompass the following areas:

  • the scope of the field of document examination
  • how to recognise the potential evidentiary value of documents
  • the submission of documents for examination having regard to the preservation of their evidential value
  • reporting on the examination of questioned document – terminology, limitations and qualifications
  • the relevance of fingerprint evidence
  • the necessity of the pre-court conference to maximise the evidentiary value of the results
  • Practical exercises are conducted on actual questioned documents and problems are selected according to the needs of the workshop participants.
Tailored workshops

We can tailor workshops to the requirements of an organisation. These workshops can vary from a half day to two days duration as required. They usually consist of a combination of theory and practical exercises.

The workshops can be conducted at either our laboratory in Sydney or at your offices, depending on requirements.

Next workshop

The date of our next workshop is to be advised.  We only have a small number of participants at each workshop.  Get in early with your expression of interest and these should be directed to Patricia Stoddart at